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Let’s act and invest together so that our cities always
remain beautiful, contributing to a positive and favorable
feeling that benefits every citizen…

We Love the Cities We Live In!

We here at BeautifulCities share a collective commitment : we choose to work in the business of urban waste collection so that every day, we actively create a cleaner and more sustainable world for all citizens.

Our Commitment : Quality or Nothing!

The truth is, manual litter pickup and sorting has no equivalent. With our hands-on help, urban zones will get the highest level of cleanliness.

A Passion for Tech Innovation

Whether in data collection or connected objects, we are constantly looking into cutting-edge technologies that can improve our teams’ efficiency…

What does being a “care company” mean to us?

Job creation for underserved communities. Our people represent our primary asset and our future. Our aim is to foster a safe, flexible, and inclusive work environment.

Ecology as Baseline of Investment & Commitment

  • Collect and sort waste before it gets into ecosystems.
  • Taking an “eco-friendly” approach in our thoughts and actions