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Our E-bikes

  • A fleet of electric long-range battery bicycles with high traction, to ensure jobs are carried out
    in the best conditions of safety and comfort.
  • For trash pickup and sorting services, our e-bikes are equipped with lightweight trailers
    specially designed for urban riding.
  • Our patrollers are equipped with Bluetooth-connected helmets, long forceps for collection,
    and attractive, comfortable work wear

BeautifulCities Mobile App

Our BeautifulCities smartphone app for data acquisition, co-developed with our clients, allows for :

  • Centralized GPS registration of each “hot spot” on which we operate
  • Easy photo capabilities from the bike’s handlebars before waste collection
  • Real-time updates of weather conditions on our cloud platform
  • Documentation and forwarding of out-of-range tickets to customer service center

BeautifulCities Daily Report exemple

Our BeautifulCities Cloud Reporting Platform uses custom client indicators, such as:

  • Indications of cleanliness in a predefined client sector
  • Waste volume quantity collected and sorted
  • Graphing of trends over time in client sector
  • Tracking of efforts (financial, human) to streamline efficiency
  • Updates on seasonal events
  • Goupil the Fox’s Field Alerts

Our Mission and Commitments

  • Manually collect and sort litter present in your public or private spaces
  • Ensure the highest level of visual cleanliness, instilling a sense of pride in residents and visitors
  • Use spatial data to monitor cleanliness indexes, by sector and over time
  • Continuously improve our products and services in order to engage our clients in a sustainable, win-win collaboration