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Frequently Asked Questions


What are strictly speaking your team’s operation zone?

We operate in any areas of those accessible and authorized to the circulation of our electric bikes equipped with light trailers.

Our small trailers having the width of our handlebars, our teams of employees ride with great efficiency in urban centers, pedestrian zone and bicycle paths, amusement parks, public gardens, commercial and industrial activity areas… Cleaning zones and itineraries previously defined with our customers. The safety of our Employees being a priority, we set our itineraries in making sure our rides stay safe.

What litter do you not collect?

Our specialty is the collection and sorting of small urban light litter. Are excluded: all litter impossible to pick up with pliers or with one hand, hazardous litter or too large to fit in our bins.

Depending on what has been defined with our customers, the litter that we do not collect can be reported in real time to our customers’ technical centers for their care (wild deposits of bulky items, chemicals, paints, etc …). As part of the service contract, we define with our customers, the exhaustive list of what must be collected and / or sorted to be recycled.

What differentiates your means of collection with the devices usually implemented?

Several scenarios:

1) If we compare our device with traditional device equipped with a wheelie bin


=> Our service includes, in addition to collection, a systematic sorting of the litter we pick up, with a view to its subsequent treatment in the related sector.

=> Our manual picking offers a much wider radius of intervention as well as a greater responsiveness of intervention, in case of express request on a given area (for example picnic area, in a public garden, a tourist area).

=> We trace in real time our picking and sorting operation, providing evidence of our team’s work power.

=> In addition to capturing photographic and geospatial data from our points of intervention, through our software we also count litter type & volume that has been daily deposited at a deposit logistic point.


2) If we compare our device with device equipped with a mechanized robot vacuum cleaner

=> Our missions are very energy efficient and does not cause any noise or air pollution at the time of collection. Create new job is at the heart of our development strategy and we are convinced that nothing replaces the quality of a 100% manual picking operated on foot thus offering a wider intervention area around the bike with the use of a pre-collection basket before sorting.

=> Our commitment is to offer high quality picking, collecting litter even in hard-to-reach areas, in ditches, or in the heart of the vegetation.

Final points:

=> Our ability to deploy and mobilize our employees quickly is not comparable with the deployment of any existing mechanized and/or robotic solutions

=> Our team use our mobile App during their job and we have the ability to make tailor-made software adaptations to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Are your services carried out throughout the year?

Yes, that’s correct, our employees are equipped to work in the best conditions of comfort and safety whatever the season but during the day only, daylight being a safety criterion.

In 2022 missions are carried out from Monday to Friday only…

In what ways are your services marketed ?

It is very simple, we offer monthly subscription and billing, our contract is for a full-time employment (5 days a week from Monday to Friday), whose duration is set at 12 months period and is tacitly renewable, it includes a 6 weeks GO / NO GO trial period for both parties.

As associate represent our most valuable asset and our future, for any contract signed a process hiring is confirmed to our recruit with a permanent employment contract.

This subscription includes our operational, technical and IT services, as well as access to our reporting solution. Customer software development are “time and material” billed.

Even if we carry a commitment to service at the local level, it is important to us that our customers get involved in our process of recruiting and welcoming a new recruit, our aim is that our recruit like his job and his city.

Your company has a relatively socially engaged position, how does this translate into practice?

We want to be recognized by our customers and partners as a social mission company that offer pathways to integration in employment to women and men that faced hard time situation.

Does the fight for the environment have a place in the commitments made by BeautifulCities?

A significant portion of urban litter is scattered in nature, and many of them can only be collected manually. It is a race against the clock that we play daily with a lot of determination, avoiding litter not to end up in the oceans or ecosystems.

Our commitment to sorting, from the moment of picking, is fully in line with the recycling effort, which is environment friendly.

Why ?

Because figured speak for themselves:

  • On a global world and globe base only 9% of the plastics that have been produced so far have been recycled, and 40% of all litter in the world is burned in landfills

In France, due to the lack of insufficient qualitative collection, government organization CITEO shows that the recycling rate of plastic bottles and vials is only 60%, so improvement potential is very significant, and we as our customer want to be fully associated with the improvement of this figure.